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new york



184 Main Street Victoria 8007

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    Let’s Walk

    Our apartments border on the forest. Enjoy the beautiful descent down. 
    From Willem Apartments, you can reach the church 300 meters away.
    This starting point offers many hiking routes, from easy to difficult.
    You can also walk guided hiking trails from Medenbach.
    Don't forget to put on your good shoes. Lots of fun!
    More walking:
    - Sauerland-Seelenorte
      The 43 “Seelenorte” includes rocks and quarries, churches and mountain peaks, huge trees and underground caves, lakes and valleys. They were chosen because they are particularly impressive and have special significance to the people around them, both now and in ancient times. They move people emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These are places in the region where people feel particularly at ease and where they can also relax. They are also places that inspire you, stimulate you, where you think about yourself and consult with yourself to take new paths. In short: they are places where you can relax spiritually